Formerly The UNPavement, now proudly PolyGEARious, taking care of distribution for Sport-ON USA and Sport-ON off-road handcycles. We specialize in the gear you need to get out there.

We at PolyGEARious love gear! Its what enables us to get out and enjoy the world and live an active lifestyle. Without it, we would be stuck.

PolyGEARious is a play on the word polyamorous — multiple loves — and means multiple gears. We believe a life with gear and gears is better!

A note from our National Sales Manager


This bike has taken me on many adventures. It has gotten me off the pavement and out into the wilderness, seeing places i never would have without it. I seriously can NOT imagine my life without this new-found ability and now i want to help others find the same experience.

I started PolyGEARious with that in mind. Being able to explore obscure little corners of this world is what its all about for me...and this bike gets me there!

-Jeremy P. McGhee